I fell in love with all things creative at a young age. Painting, photography, writing, music and much more. Being an only child and suffering from boredom, there was always creativity.

I graduated from Aliceville High School in Aliceville, Alabama in 2010.

I lived in Atlanta, Georgia from 2012 to 2019 and attended the Art Institute of Atlanta for two years. First majoring in advertising, then majoring in photographic imaging. I became an art school dropout and lost my passion for art in the midst of trying to cross over to commercial art from fine art. While attending school, I photographed many celebrity events that eventually made me tap into media writing and music journalism. 

With music journalism, I decided to combine my love for food. I created the blog thehiphopfoodie.com. On the blog I post personal opinions, analyses, reviews, and discussions about food and music, allow indie professionals in both the music and culinary industries to share their stories, and post the latest news about food related collaborations from the music industry.

Outside of being a photographer and writer, I am well versed in branding, advertising, public relations, and desktop publishing.

I reside in Aliceville, Alabama. I love 90's hip-hop and fried catfish.