I am an Atlanta-based writer and photographer.

In August of 2012, I begin to pursue a career in photography and enrolled at the Art Institute of Atlanta.

While attending school, I photographed many celebrity events for different media outlets and publicists. At the events I took full advantage of my surroundings and started to network as much as possible. This inspired me to look for even more unique opportunities and to utilize my skills to the best of my ability. That's when I started music journalism and rediscovered my first loves, which were music and writing.

I set out to combine music journalism and photojournalism to create quality and useful content. Eventually I earned an internship with hip hop and photojournalism magazine, RESPECT. Mag. Later I landed my first paid position as a Staff Writer for Grip Magazine.

Outside of being a photographer, I am a media relations writer. I bridge the gap between food and music. I create publicity for music artists, restaurants, chefs, and food and beverage products by writing reviews, articles, and press releases. I freelance by pitching to different media outlets for publication. I also publish everything on my own website, thehiphopfoodie.com.

I am steady building my career as a freelance writer and photographer.

Send an email to info@devericklong.com or click HERE to inquire about any services.